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US Medical Staff - Global Nurse Recruitment Agency

Frequently Asked Questions For Nurses

I'm a registered nurse and I want to work in the USA, where do I start?
Join USMS, by contacting us, and then providing your resume and qualifications, and we will respond to you shortly to arrange a personal interview with you. Following the interview and screening, USMS presents your resume and qualifications to prospective employers. Immediately after your future work place has been designated, USMS begins the legal processing and immigration procedures. You will have to take the tests (NCLEX, IELTS etc.) that are required by the state's regulations. USMS informs you of all specifications, offers test reviews and takes care of all procedures, making the process smooth and hassle free for you. By registering with USMS global recruitment service, you will be up to date with every stage in your immigration process until your arrival in the USA. You will also be informed of any tests or documents we may still require from you, as well as a calendar of relevant dates for tests, visas, embassy interview and finally your arrival in the USA.

How can I join US Medical Staff?
Go to contact us, and email us your personal and contact information (full name, address, phone, and e-mail), and you are ready to go! USMS will be in touch with you shortly.

Is it certain that I will not need to pay anything?
Yes, it is absolutely certain. All job seekers can create accounts and use our site absolutely free.

How does USMS global recruiting service help me find a job?
USMS operates internationally and has a large Employer client base with hospitals and nursing homes throughout USA. We review and screen your profile thoroughly to find the most suitable employment for you, by matching your qualifications, experience and character to the specific needs of prospective employers. Once you have been accepted by the employer you will be presented with a contract from the employer with all the terms and specifications of the job. By signing the contract you accept the job to be a foreign Registered Nurse for the Employer specified. USMS then proceeds in arranging all the immigration and legal procedures involved.

Do you have information regarding differing regulations in each state?
Yes. Each state differs in its regulations regarding NCLEX, English Test, state licensing etc. We take your specific qualifications in to consideration with the regulations of each state when determining your general location for employment. We will provide you with information of these requirements if you have specific preferences for location.

How much experience do I need in order to apply to USMS global recruitment service?
You need at least three years practical experience. You are also required to have passed CGFNS.

What English Language scores are required for the TOEFL/ TSE or IELTS exams?
You must get a TOEFL score of 207 and TSE of 50. You must have an IELTS Academic score of 6.5 with 7.0 speaking.

What are the rates of pay in the USA?
You will be earning approximately $20-$40 per hour. These all depends on where you are and the exact job you do. Additionally, there are many benefits, including shift differential, overtime pay, educational assistance and more.

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